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Zappu Wicked Balls


Zappu Wicked Balls

$ 3.89

The Zappu Abare Dama Wicked Ball Treble Hook Weight, designed by Hata Takuma, is a unique coiled spring, tungsten ball attachment that adds a tantalizing action to crankbaits. Named ""Abare Dama"" in Japanese, the direct translation in English is ""Wicked Ball.""

Typically when fishing crankbaits, you are trying to hit cover and create that deflective action that generates reaction strikes from bass. By screwing it onto the rear treble of your crankbait, the Zappu Abare Dama Wicked Ball now allows you to create that deflective, hunting action without hitting cover. Simply crank the bait a little bit, kill it, then start retrieving again. The Wicked Ball offsets the action of the crankbait, causing it to deflect out - and generate more strikes. Another incredible innovation from Zappu, Japan’s finest terminal tackle brand, the Zappu Abare Dama Wicked Ball Treble Hook Weight just added another page to the book of crankbait fishing.

5.5mm (1.9g)

2 per pk

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