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OneCast Fishing - Snagless Flipping Jig

OneCast Fishing

OneCast Fishing - Snagless Flipping Jig

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The Snagless Flipping Jig is the all around -- all terrain jig. Throw it in brush, skip under docks, drag along the bottom, or even swim it around grass.  Combined with our offset extra wide gap (EWG) hook, you can rig your plastics weedless (Tex-posed), and gain even greater protection from snagging.  Cast into some of the heaviest cover where traditional jigs with an exposed hook just can't go.  When the fish bites, the hook point can penetrate directly into the fish's mouth.  No longer do you have to hammer through a weed guard.  Better hook ups in thicker cover.  

Our Snagless Jigs are outfitted with a 100% silicon hole-in-one skirt.  The flair of the skirt will trigger fish into biting, and our hole-in-one skirts fit tighter than traditional jig collar bands.  Less slipping of the skirt means more casting.  

We custom designed the offset EWG hooks to fit our jigs.  Below are the dimensions. 

3/8 oz -- 3/0 Black Nickel EWG Hook - Wire Diameter: .054 in. 

1/2 oz -- 4/0 Black Nickel EWG Hook - Wire Diameter: .059 in. 

3/4 oz -- 5/0 Black Nickel EWG Hook - Wire Diameter: .062 in. 

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