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Scum Frog

Scum Frog

Scum Frog

$ 3.99

  • These weighted Scum Frogs answer the call when more tantalizing movement is needed to tempt stubborn grass bass. They sit higher in the water for more erratic action per twitch of the rod. Bass can see the large 3/8" reflective eyes easier, but the ultrasharp Owner hooks are virtually invisible.
  • Completely weedless design permits Scum Frog to slide effortlessly over and around weedbeds, lilypads, limbs and stumps. This allows easy fishing in places other lures can’t go without hanging or picking up moss. Although the Scum Frog is weedless, its super soft body gives plenty of catching power. Discover for yourself the exciting top-water action of Scum Frog fishing!

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