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Reaction Tackle Ice Fishing Braided line - Abrasion Resistant 8 Strand Ice Braid

Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Ice Fishing Braided line - Abrasion Resistant 8 Strand Ice Braid

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Reaction Tackle High Quality Ice Braid – Ice Fishing Braided Line, Abrasion Resistant- Tip-Up Line, 8 Strands, Zero Stretch and Zero Memory

ICE BRAID: Enhance ice fishing with high-performance, zero-stretch line; Feel every nibble, boost hooksets, and increase your catch ratio.
X8 STRANDS: Meticulously crafted for precision; Exceptional strength, durability, and knot integrity; Longer casts, better control in icy conditions.
TWIST-FREE PERFORMANCE: Zero memory design eliminates tangles; Smooth reel lay, improved casting distance, and accuracy for hassle-free ice fishing.
EXTREME DURABILITY: Conquer icy conditions confidently; Resists abrasion, withstands harsh environments; Power to reel in trophy fish with ease and reliability.
LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE: Invest in quality ice braid; Durable materials maintain strength trip after trip; Enjoy countless successful ice fishing outings.

Elevate your ice fishing experience with Reaction Tackle Ice fishing braid. Crafted with precision, it delivers unmatched performance and reliability on the frozen tundra. The fluoropolymer and hydrophobic coating repel water, preventing freeze-ups and ensuring optimal performance in harsh conditions. With zero stretch properties, sense every nibble, achieve lightning-fast hooksets, and increase your hookup ratio. The 8X strands of high-quality PE fibers provide a thinner, smoother line with exceptional abrasion resistance for tough icy situations. Upgrade your gear today and master ice fishing with Reaction Tackle Ice fishing braid!

8 Strand sizes (diameter):
• 4 lb (.10mm)
• 6 lb (.14mm)
• 8 lb (.18mm)
• 10 lb (.20mm)
• 20 lb (.23mm)
• 30 lb (.29mm)

Available lengths:
• 150 yards

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