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OneCast Fishing - Nighthawk

OneCast Fishing

OneCast Fishing - Nighthawk

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Introducing the Nighthawk, a lure that offers a dynamic twist to the classic Warthog. Boasting the ability to swim, the Nighthawk features double curl tails that generate impressive water movement, complemented by secondary action from its claws. This unique lure stands out when you're looking for a departure from the conventional flipping baits others use, or when it's deployed in deeper waters with a swing head or a jig.

Like its Warthog counterpart, the Nighthawk also excels when it comes to pitching and flipping. Especially noteworthy is its performance when paired with one of our Snagless Flipping jigs for skipping. Its compact profile enables it to navigate through dense cover, while the flat base facilitates smooth skipping under docks and brush. Once the Nighthawk makes its way through the cover, the large claws spring into action, inciting a reaction strike from lurking bass.

Each package includes 8 units and each Nighthawk measures approximately 4 inches in length. Experience a whole new level of fishing with the Nighthawk, where functionality meets versatility.

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