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Nako ZN Antirust Treble Hook 3102 | 10 Piece


Nako ZN Antirust Treble Hook 3102 | 10 Piece

$ 4.99

With its wide gap, the Nako Power EWG Offset Worm Hook is the ultimate choice for securing your favorite plastic worms or creature baits. Say goodbye to the frustration of bulky soft baits slipping off your hook - this hook holds them in place with ease. No matter the fishing conditions, whether you're exploring shallow weed beds, deep hydrilla, or brush piles, the Nako Power EWG Offset Worm Hook is your go-to companion for heavy-cover fishing.

We've taken extra measures to ensure its strength and durability. Our wire diameter has been bolstered and we've employed a unique tempering process, specifically tailored to maximize the strength potential of our T8 ultra-high carbon steel wire. These enhancements provide unmatched power and instant torsion resistance, instilling unwavering confidence as you face the challenge of reeling in those giant fish.

But it doesn't stop there. We've gone the extra mile to ensure exceptional penetration, even with thicker wire diameters. Our hooks feature an ultra slide Nano Smooth Coating and a specially designed triangular hook point. These innovations guarantee superb performance, allowing you to effortlessly pierce through any target. Invest in the Nako Power EWG Offset Worm Hook today and take your fishing game to new heights. Experience the difference that quality and innovation can make.

  • Extra wide gap
  • Strong instant torsion resistance
  • Super sharp Triangular hook point design
  • Ultra slide Nano Smooth Coating
  • Well hook point flattening process, and smooth micro barbs
  • Standard and smooth hook rings

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