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Trokar EWG Worm Hook


Trokar EWG Worm Hook

$ 5.49
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  • Three-Sided Hook Point: that penetrates much faster than other point shapes, allowing for dramatically increased hook-up ratios. The three facets of the Trokar point are precisely and symetrically ground for consistent performance.
  • Low-Profile Barb: designed for easier penetration, yet ultimate holding power. The precise angle of the barb was determined using highly specific geometric calculations.
  • Ultra Clean, Cold-Forged, High Carbon Steel: with increased carbon content and reduced impurities adds higher tensile strength. The steel then undergoes a unique heat-treating process that imparts just the right amount of flex to resist breaking.
  • Bolstered Wire Diameter: giving serious anglers a stouter hook that allows for aggressive hook-sets and intense fights.
  • Tempering Process: specifically tailored to manipulate the molecular structure of the Q741 wire, bringing out the maximum strength potential of the ultra-high carbon steel.

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