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OneCast Fishing - Javelin (Creature) 4" (8 count)

OneCast Fishing

OneCast Fishing - Javelin (Creature) 4" (8 count)

$ 4.79
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Introducing the Javelin, our 4-inch lure craw plastic, designed to enchant bass. Expertly crafted for Texas Rigging, our Long Neck Hooks, or as a jig trailer, it effortlessly replicates the lively movement of a crustacean with its nimble limbs and pincers.

Our Javelin lure is not only visually intriguing but also subtly scented, amplifying its attractiveness to bass. Its distinctively ribbed tail generates appealing water movements and moderates its fall, making it irresistible to bass.

Available in three appealing shades — Green Pumpkin, Black and Blue, and Orange Swirl Craw, the Sidewinder, with its versatility and dynamic nature, is destined to become a trusted favorite in your bait arsenal.

*8 Javelins per package.

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