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G-Force Conservation Cull System Gen 2

T & H Marine

G-Force Conservation Cull System Gen 2

$ 49.99 $ 54.99

When you're fishing a tournament, you need time and accuracy on your side. Fortunately, T-H Marine has worked with B.A.S.S. Pro Gerald "G-Man" Swindle to deliver just that with the all new G-Force™ Conservation Cull System. It's a new take on the original G-Force cull system, but they are still the only cull systems tested and endorsed by G-Man.

Like it's predecessor, the G-Force Conservation Cull System prevents piercing the fish every time you need to cull. G-Force culling systems are the only ones on the market that do this. With this unique design, you can connect the cull float cord directly to the balance beam without rehooking the fish. It's safer and gentler on the fish, helping to keep them healthier for weigh-in and supporting conservation.

This is the only system that allows you to handle your fish only once. Simply select the two fish you want to test and slip the loops on each end of the balance beam slots…instantly you know which fish to cull.

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