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LARRY THE LIZARD 7 Inch Pro-Tour Rattlin Worms

Larry The Lizard

LARRY THE LIZARD 7 Inch Pro-Tour Rattlin Worms

$ 7.99

 This is the power worm with the Rattlin Rattle Chamber system, includes 4 mm glass rattle in the special design tail that allows the bait to swim with a natural movement and create that vibration and sound that calls the fish to the bait. This is not only a Power-Worm, but a Trick-Worm & a Finesse Worm, a Senko, and a Rattle Trap and a suspending Jerk Bait, all in One Bait. All of the baits in the product line are made of 100% American floating super soft, yet very strong and durable plastic with a garlic base sent, and have the addition of a 4mm glass rattle chamber system that is built into each bait makes the bait the superior product in its category. 

7 Inch Pro-Tour Rattlin Worm by Larry the Lizard.

7 per Pack

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