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ZOOM 6" Super Salt Lizard


ZOOM 6" Super Salt Lizard

$ 4.29

The Carolina rig is what the lizard is fished most on in the spring. However, these baits can be very effective Texas rigged in the summer. The all-around classic size and shape of this lizard creates more commotion for hungry bass to hone in on Every Zoom soft plastic bait is wholly realistic, super-soft to the touch (for the extra action needed to pull in that reluctant money fish) and salt-impregnated to hold even the most tentative bite.

The Zoom Lizard selection is second to none. Many different sizes are offered for your personal preference. The Lizard 6" is actually 7 in. in length. These baits are a favorite of anglers in the springtime and "pre spawn" seasons.

9 per pack

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