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LARRY THE LIZARD 3" Rattlin Frog-N-Craws

Larry The Lizard

LARRY THE LIZARD 3" Rattlin Frog-N-Craws

$ 8.99

The Frog-N-Craw is both a Top-Water or sub-surface fishing frog, and an awesome jig trailer(jig sold separately). This bait is 100% American high quality floating soft plastic. The design of the bait makes it react just like a real frog fished weedless weightless. But, also fish this on a jig as a trailer and slam Bass in the Winter and Pre-Spawn. This bait is the double edge sword of the Rattlin Series of baits in our product line. It is a great Top-Water Frog and Sub-Surface fishing Frog, as well as a fantastic crawdad jig trailer. This Frog-N-Craw is enhanced with a dual Rattlin Chamber System, one in each leg respectively. The 100% American floating soft plastic cause the bait to suspend in the water column, just as a suspending jerk bait would, with the added distress signals sent out by the Rattlin Chamber System. The super soft plastic, cause the fish to hold on to the bait, rather than spit the bait out. This bait is not only unique with the Aero Hydro dynamic design and dual Rattlin Chamber System, but it also allows the fisherman to fish every level of the water column, with is a truly unique feature that other baits do not allow. Baits customized with 4 MM Glass Rattles in the legs.

3" Rattlin Frog-N-Craws

5 per Pack 


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