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LARRY THE LIZARD 10" Rattlin Lizard

Larry The Lizard

LARRY THE LIZARD 10" Rattlin Lizard

$ 7.99

 This is a Magnum Lizard, with a patented built in rattle chamber system. This rattle chamber system is designed to call predator fish to the bait with a distress signal that emulates that of live bait. The detailed design of the bait is Aero and hydro dynamic, with allows the bait to not only look like the real thing (in this case a live waterdog or salamander) but also adds an incredible life-like action, that causes the bait to swim, dig and crawl, as well as stand up and fight, like the real thing. With the naked eye, you can't tell its not the real thing, and neither can the fish. This bait is like having a live waterdog, a Senko, a rattle trap, and a trick worm all in one Magnum bait, that simply produces above average Trophy Bass all year long. All of the baits in the product line are made of 100% American floating super soft, yet very strong and durable plastic with a garlic base sent, and have the addition of a 4mm glass rattle chamber built into each bait. These baits are specifically designed to create a distress signal that will attract not only aggressive fish, but in-active and suspending fish into taking the bait.

10 Inch Rattlin Larry the Lizards:

4 per Pack

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